Friday, January 04, 2008

I Always Dream in Color.

And I think in color, too. I think in color and texture and temperature and, often, in musical notes, even though I am only an occasional musician. How do you think and dream?

Pantone has named a Color of the Year - Blue Iris - and French Toast Girl has asked her readers to choose their own Color of the Year. I think Blue Iris is an absolutely lovely color, soothing and rich and calming. It's serene, but it isn't a wimp by any means.

I might be content to leave it at that, but my belief is that this year will be full of movement and concentration, hard work and strength, and a certain kind of focused discipline, like that needed by dancers or athletes or concert pianists. Sometimes you're bruised or aching or exhausted, and you want to stay in bed all day, but you get up and get back to work. I don't expect that it will be the most relaxing or easiest of years, but I will live with my choices as richly and as fully as possible. So I have in mind that Residence Inn commercial with the trapeze artist:

My hope is that the hard work on my plate this year will pay off and I will be able to soar joyfully some day in the not-so-very-distant future. (Figuratively, not literally, although if Cirque du Soleil called me up and offered curtain-flying lessons, all bets are off.)

And so I choose that rich, full red of the drapes for my own color of 2008. (For the record, it seems to be Pantone 186.)

Now, what's YOUR choice for color of the year?


Anonymous said...

The colour of the sky on a glorious bright sunny day, lets hope that any clods remain small, white and cotton woolie!

tinker said...

Yes, I dream in color, too - though there are the occasional b&w vignettes, even they still have a spot of vibrant color somewhere.
Iris blue sounds lovely. I'm not sure if I could be content with only one color though - if I can't have the whole crayon box, I'd still like to at least have a swirl of rainbow sherbet colors...
Wishing you a very happy New Year!~xOx

Anonymous said...

happy new year alison! i don't remember most of my dreams, but they are definitely colored!! i feel better surrounded by color. need to think about what my color of the year would be... like tinker i'd love a box of crayon colors :)

Anonymous said...

oh, and i hope your beautiful hard work will pay off this year!

Merisi said...

Iris blue! :-)))
Yes, I am all for it (and it goes well with my "azzurro" post, Italian for sky blue, I have even got a song to sing along!).
I do love great reds too, I must admit. By the glass.
Happy New Year, and may all your dreams and projects turn out the way they are supposed to!

tongue in cheek said...

what a stunning video! Those colors sepia with a touch of red.
Lovely post Allison it makes me see in a new way.