Friday, October 12, 2007

On the Other Side (of the World)

This pirouetting dancer is interesting. I see her going clockwise, and although I've always thought that I am right-brained with a good dose of left-brainedness, I cannot get her to change direction.

Via Five and a Half.


carolyn said...

anti-clockwise and no I couldn't change either. My husband however saw her dancing clockwise.

tongue in cheek said...

Anti clockwise and I am DIZZY fromtrying to change her direction!

radiogirl said...

WOW. I just tried again, and this time, I still saw her going clockwise... and then I closed my left-eye, thus taking my right brain out of the picture, theoretically (since your right brain controls the left side of your body and vice versa), and she started going ANTI-CLOCKWISE! And then, poof! The minute I realized what was happening, she switched back even though one eye was still closed.

Very strange. Maybe this means I should balance the checkbook with my left eye closed.

barbara said...

WOW that is pretty cool. I saw her counter-clockwise at first then looked at the script on the left side of the page, then when I looked back she was clockwise. I thought it was playing a trick on me, then I found I could switch. Am I schizo-brained or seriously ADD??? don't know