Thursday, October 25, 2007

Feeling Oh So Good.

I don't think being featured in an Etsy treasury could ever lose its thrill. Seeing the little gold star that means one of my items is featured in a treasury totally makes my day.

This time, my Rainbow Serpent painting is featured in "Pinky's Feel Good Treasury," curated by Sharona Reouveni, aka raisinlike. Sharona makes puppets, my favorite of which is Max the Martian, who, like me, eats his French fries with mayonnaise.

I have always loved puppets -- who wouldn't, growing up in The Muppet Show era? But they've taken a new place of prominence in our lives lately, since a coworker of my husband lent him two DVDs of comedian and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham.

I don't even like standup that much. And before the puppets came out of the suitcase, when he was just warming up alone on stage, I thought, who is this guy and why in the world did they give him a standing ovation?" But ever since the purple puppet Peanut started singing "Jef-fuh-fah... DunHAM... dotcooooooooommmmmm!", we have been walking around the house doing the same. Sometimes in round robin. Now, a man who can get perfect strangers across the country to walk around singing the name of his web site is an absolute genius. Jeff Dunham, therefore... a genius. And oh so funny. And, yes, he's outrageously talented.

You can watch clips here, but I highly recommend begging, borrowing, or, uh, well we don't sanction illegal behavior on this blog, but getting your hands on a copy of Jeff Dunham: Arguing With Myself or Jeff Dunham: Spark of Insanity (that's the one with "Jef-fuh-fah... DunHAM... dotcooooooooommmmmm!", I think).

And if you have a moment, do stop by the treasury today.

*member-curated galleries that are posted online from two to three days

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