Sunday, October 29, 2006

Cool and Not-So-Cool

I switched this blog to Blogger Beta because the site feed wasn't working (at least not as a Live Bookmark) and that bothered me, because I keep up with all the blogs I read through Live Bookmarks, and if my own doesn't work, that's not fitting.

So the site feed is working again (yay, hooray, huzzah), but now I can only post comments on Blogger Beta blogs while signed into my own blog. Stuuuuhrange. The way around this is to post as "other," but the fact that the problem exists is baffling to me.

Still, who's complaining? I am grateful for Blogger; I think Blogger and Google are both wonderful, and if they take over the world, well, it could be worse. There are other companies and individuals trying to do the same whom I happen to not find wonderful.

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