Sunday, December 28, 2008

Moving Pictures

This is an video of art illustrating a song about art. It's just lovely. Magical, actually.

(Via Luca Has 2 Mommies)

I loved the video so much, I went to iTunes and bought the song.


Shannon Piserchio said...
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Shannon Piserchio said...

Hi there:)

I came across your lovely Starry Table as I searched for decoupage instructions and have somehow managed to get delightfully lost in your world; what a pleasant journey!

I look forward to following your blog and am thrilled to have a new source of inspiration.

Happy New Year!

PS - I deleted my first comment due to a typo infraction:)

iHanna said...

Love it too, it's so happy! Love your post on state mottos too. Do you have a motto of your own? I have one, it's "breath in. breath out." hehe.

Happy New year!

bonnie said...

i am going to post this video too~
i love it.
i might need the song too.
oh and the state motto thing is very cool too.
hope you have a magical new year.