Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Cherry-Picking #9: These Boots Are Made for Everything

I wore cowboy boots almost every day for five years .

I hated cowboy boots growing up in Reno -- thought they were totally dorky, and I would know, because I was a total dork.*

And then a strange thing happened when I moved away. I got nostalgic. So I bought a pair on one visit home. Ariats. Comfortable, like a dream. Or like jeans, which I also wear almost every day.

When that pair wore out (after thousands of days, not to mention miles, because I lived in and walked all over the city of Philadelphia for most of those five years), I started mixing my shoes up a bit in the summer (I like Mary Janes almost as much as I like cowboy boots and flip flops are slightly more practical in Virginia humidity, after all).

But I have a new pair of boots, purchased on my road trip last year** from the same tiny shop in Reno where I bought the first pair, for almost the same price.

And I am so glad fall is here, so I can bask in their bootness: comfort, laid-backedness, me-ness.***

* Yes, I still am. I know.

** What, you don't think year-old boots are new? Well, I did work in an office all last winter, and then wore other shoes all summer. The boots aren't even close to being broken in, yet.

*** And no, in case you're wondering, I don't ride horses. Would love to, they just haven't really been part of my life, except for that one day when I lost my hat because I happened to be on horse that decided it was a Ferrari and managed 0 to 60 in 1.2 seconds. I didn't have boots back then. Probably lucky my hat was all I lost.


thebeadedlily said...

I have a pair of knee-high hand made boots that I got at a RenFaire. Love 'em.

carolyn said...

I've always wanted a pair of cowboy boots.

Tara said...

I have two pairs of Ariats, the best boot ever, and I wear them all the time. Last year I taught preschool and wore them all day, even ran after 3 yr olds on the playground. They are just the best ever, I have a black and a brown pair and the next pair is going to be red!

BTW the boot picture on my twitter is from a vintage store in Austin that sells old boots. And that wall of vintage maps was the living room of my old house, in the new house they are more spread out. And seriously the only reason I haven't bought anything from your shop is because I couldn't decide on one! They are all so great!

paintandink said...

thebeadedlily: Handmade boots... amazing!

carolyn: Next time you visit Virginia, you could pick some up...

tara: My first pair was brown, but this pair is auburn, with multi-colored embroidery... much prettier than the last, but I'm still putting them through just as much abuse.

Barbara said...

When some of the people in Nevada get dressed up (such as weddings and funerals) all they do is put on their best boots. I used to have four pair and wore them to deal 21/roulette every day at work for six yrs. They were so comfy from the first time I put them on- no breaking in required.

paintandink said...

Hi Mom! See, that's why I am such a West Coast girl... dressing up means clean jeans and my best boots, right?